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Feel Amazing

Successor to the Menopause Chicks Moisturizer

Menopause Chicks

In 2017, Shirley Weir came to Pure with a vision: to find a treatment for a problem that many people have but nobody wants to discuss.

After five years of service to the Menopause Chicks community, the love for our original vaginal moisturizer outpaced our ability to make it in our own small compounding facility.

Moving Forwards

To meet the growing demand, we partnered with Replete Nutreceuticals (manufacturers of Ferapro) to develop Feel Amazing.

With an all-new label, streamlined formula, and NPN from Health Canada, Feel Amazing is functionally identical to the Menopause Chicks Moisturizer, without anything holding it back.

Feel Amazing

We guarantee we haven't added any new preservatives, stabilizers, colourants or scents, and the tools provided by the new manufacturing provides more reliable gel consistency and a vastly extended shelf life based on the product itself.

We hope you'll love Feel Amazing as much as you loved its predecessor, for the next five years and beyond.

Menopause Chicks Hyaluronic Acid Vaginal Moisturizer

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Thank you for all the love!

As of March 31st 2023 the Menopause Chicks compounded moisturizer has been discontinued, but don't worry: our new Feel Amazing moisturizer has all the same features with more dependable consistency and none of the downsides of a compounded item.

Try Feel Amazing today!

Feel Amazing

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