Salus Epresat Multivitamin 250ml

Salus Epresat Multivitamin 250ml

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Epresar Herbal Multivitamin From Salus is an easily absorbed, delicious, daily liquid multivitamin you can drink in one delicious gulp! Epresat contains no additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings and fillers. For this reason, Epresat Multivitamin is ideal for people with allergies and food sensitivities.

Strengthen immune system
  Faster healing
  Overall well being
  Fight colds & flus
  Great tasting!
Vitamin A
10,000 IU
Vitamin C
150 mg
Vitamin D3
400 IU
Vitamin E
25 IU
Vitamin B1
4.5 mg
Vitamin B2
5.5 mg
Niacinamide B3 
45 mg
Pyridoxine Hcl B6
3 mg
9.56 g hydrous liquid herb extract from:
Blessed thistle
180 mg
Kola seeds
162 mg
Brown Algae
135 mg
Wheat germ
45 mg
18 mg

In a base:
6.20 g
fruit juice concentrate from:
Orange, Passionfruit, Guava, Apricot juices

20 mls 1-2x per day - can be taken with food or between meals
This product contains no alcohol, preservatives or additives. Keep refrigerated once open and use daily until contents are gone.