Erin Lowe; Human Resources Manager

Erin’s passion and skills in the area of Human Resources developed over the years while managing individuals in achieving their personal growth goals. Coming from a marketing and business background, it was not difficult to transfer to a human resources role, because in her heart she has always been a true people person.

Erin spends her time at Pure ensuring the needs of employees are being met. She is responsible for recruitment, on-boarding, performance management, employee engagement and implementing in-store best practices. Erin is a firm believer that a happy employee is one that feels appreciated, empowered and a valued part of the team. At Pure people are our most valuable asset and the key to our success!

When not at work Erin enjoys spending time with her family and friends and likes hiking, skiing, cycling and exploring the many great things Vancouver has to offer.

Erin Lowe Human Resources Manager