COVID-19 Vaccines

As of June 2021, patients who received their first AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccination from one of our locations have the choice to receive their second dose of:

  1. one of the two mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna) through a provincial mass clinicOR 
  2. AstraZeneca at one of our pharmacies** 

*If you want to get Pfizer or Moderna for your second dose, you must be registered with the Get Vaccinated provincial registration system, and will receive notification from this system to book the second dose. If you opt for Pfizer/Moderna, you will not eligible for an AZ appointment through our locations. 


**AZ is available if you obtained your first dose through one of our pharmacies. If you did not receive the first dose at one of our locations, please visit as you will not be eligible through our locations.


You can pick either the AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD or an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) for your second dose. There are no safety concerns if you want to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine as your second dose. 

Before making your decision, we recommend you review information on second dose vaccine choice from the BCCDC.


If you wish to obtain AZ dose 2 from our locations, no action is required on your part at this time. Do not contact the pharmacy as eligible patients will be contacted by our pharmacies by email. 


If you received your first dose through one of our locations, you will receive two email notifications:

  1. the first email to inform you of the booking process, and
  2. the second email to book the appointment approximately 8 weeks after your first dose
Date of first dose When you will receive the 2nd email
March 31 to April 14 June 7 to June 20
April 15 to April 27 June 21 to July 5
April 28 onwards July 6 onwards


We will not accept walk-ins and, due to limited supply, will not have a waitlist. We may not have enough supply of AZ/COVISHIELD vaccines for all patients. 

These locations will only email you to offer second doses if you received your first dose from that pharmacy:

  • Vancouver: Downtown Robson
  • South Surrey: White Rock
  • West Vancouver: Ambleside
  • North Vancouver: Edgemont 

Other locations will not receive supply at this time. Check this page regularly as it will be frequently updated.

We do not expect allocation of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines at this time due to logistics around dry ice handling and storage. 


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For frequently asked questions, check out the FAQ from the BC CDC here.