How is it now?

With TreatGxPlus:

Each kit includes:

  • TreatGxPlus Requisition Form
  • A comprehensive report and access to the TreatGxPlus decision support online tool
  • Sample collection kit
  • All shipping costs

Who is this test for?


Pharmacogenetics looks at the effect of genetic factors on response and the potential for adverse reactions to drugs. TreatGxPlus includes a pharmacogenetic test that looks at an individual’s response to different drug therapies by analyzing their genes and how they impact how the individual metabolizes and responds to medications. Genes that impact how the drug is metabolized or processed are called pharmacokinetic (PK) genes. PK genes tell us how the body breaks down and eliminates drugs. Variations in these genes can alter typical medication processing and affect how much medication an individual might actually need. Genes that impact how an individual might respond (e.g. effective or not for that individual) to a drug are called pharmacodynamics (PD) genes. Variations in these genes can alter drug targets in your body (e.g. receptors, etc.). If an individual has more targets available, they will need a higher dose of the drug than someone who has less expression of that protein target. PK and PD genes together influence dosing required, benefits, and adverse effects one individual may have when taking a specific drug.

Pharmaceutical companies usually study and report on the biochemical pathways a drug uses. As there are huge amounts of data available, it can be difficult for a healthcare provider to be familiar with all of these studies. By identifying which genetic variations you may have and integrating them with your non-genetic data (e.g. medical condition, renal and liver functions, age, weight, etc.), TreatGxPlus provides you and your physician with insight as to which medication is best for you.

Traditionally, healthcare providers make prescription decisions based on multiple factors such as your family history, past or current experience with medications, and your overall health status. TreatGxPlus not only considers those factors, but also includes your medication-to-genetic factors. Healthcare providers now have access to a fast, reliable, ever-evolving, online tool to consider multiple health scenarios and different treatment alternatives.

LifeLabs Genetics is pleased to partner with GenXys Health Care Systems, a University of British Columbia’s spin-off company, to bring a new pharmacogenetic service to Canada. Combining GenXys’ expertise in research, data sets, and technology with LifeLabs’ customer and laboratory services means patients receive better care, healthcare providers have reliable resources, and the Canadian healthcare system contains costs.


  • TreatGxPlus can be used prior to or during drug therapy
  • Genetic testing results are made available to the patient and ordering physician within 7-10 business days of the lab receiving the sample
  • The patient and physician have access to the online decision support tool and personalized treatment options


  • Helps you and your healthcare provider select the best medication and dosing for you
  • The TreatGxPlusservice provides you with knowledge and insight for life
  • Reduces the number of trial and errors, adjustments, and experiments required
  • Enables precision and speed so that you can feel better faster
  • Minimizes the likelihood of adverse drug reactions
  • Pinpoints genetically inappropriate prescriptions
  • Suggests safer medication management protocols and drug combinations
  • Provides healthcare providers with an easy-to-use tool that provides feedback, aids in decision-making, and facilitates low risk option exploration
  • May reduce insurance and provincial healthcare costs due to the need for fewer medications, tests, appointments, and hospital visits
  • May complement a patient’s electronic medical records

Results and Reports

You should not change your health behaviours solely on the basis of information you obtain from TreatGxPlus. Remember, never start, stop or change your medications without consulting your health care provider.

Reports may be accessed online through the decision support tool by both physicians and patients. An email is sent when results become available.

Results documentation includes the following:

  • A Report Summary: Provides a list of medications with evidence for the use of pharmacogenetic information. Medications that may have an altered response based on your pharmacogenetic profile are highlighted
  • A Medication Report: Provides information on how your pharmacogenetic profile affects each medication
  • A Technical/Laboratory Report: Provides detailed information on tested genetic markers

The TreatGxPlus service also includes patient and physician access to the TreatGxPlus online decision support tool. Test results are automatically integrated into this tool, where you and your healthcare provider can explore the impacts that certain medication options may have on your health. The treatment options are presented in an easy-to-read format with helpful information such as dosing instructions and medication cost comparison. Sharing this information with your physician helps you to discuss your needs with them and make adjustments to your medications. Unless otherwise specified, the TreatGx software is not intended for use by those who are under 18 years old, pregnant, or breastfeeding

The TreatGxPlus service gives pharmacogenetic information; it does not help identify your ancestry or your genetic susceptibility to diseases. This test uses genotyping not sequencing, so there are no incidental findings. The analysis is directed at the specific areas of the gene necessary to identify medication/gene interactions.

Technical Details

  • Medication decision support system (MDSS): TreatGxPlus software integrates a patient’s genetic and non-genetic information with the highest levels of evidence to inform the clinician of the safest and most effective treatment options and dosing for the patient.
  • Conditions: Over 30 chronic conditions commonly seen in primary care. TreatGxPlus is regularly updated with new conditions and medications.
  • Medications: Over 750 drugs included in the TreatGxPlus database, of which more than 90 have clinically actionable genetic markers.
  • Comprehensive pharmacogenetic test: 63 genetic markers in 39 genes, including SNPs, CNV, and HLAs.
  • Interactions: Drug x Condition, Drug x Gene, Drug x Drug and Drug x Biophysical factors.
  • Drug price comparison: TreatGxPlus provides pricing information relative to other medication options within a medical condition.

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