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BRL BleederShield Paste Tube

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Pre-race or event formula for respiratory and blood vessel support in horses.
  • Supports healthy lungs in race and competition horses
  • Provides essential support to blood vessels during strenuous exercise
  • Free from banned substances - 100% Drug-Free
  • Maximum triple-strength easy-to-use formula in syringe
Serving Size: 1 tube (approx. 60 cc) Servings Per Container: 1 PRODUCT FACTS: Active Ingredients: Proprietary Blend Yunnan Baiyao, Honey, Apple Cider Inactive Ingredients: Dextrose, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Pantothenic Acid, Corn Oil.
For best results: Administer one tube on back of tongue 2-4 hours before a race or event. If rules do not permit administration of supplements on race day, then administer the day before the race or event. May be administered post exercise. Post-exercise administration should occur right after hard exercise.

For use in horses. Keep out of the reach of children.