OTC Preparation H Relief Suppositories with Bio-Dyne12 Pack

OTC Preparation H Relief Suppositories with Bio-Dyne12 Pack

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If you have internal hemorrhoids, Preparation H Suppositories provide prompt, soothing relief from painful burning, itching and discomfort.
Preparation H Suppositories provide effective nighttime relief and reduce internal swelling

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NPN: 01950509

  • Also for nighttime relief
  • Relieves painful burning, itching and discomfort
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue
  • Works immediately to protect against further irritation

Active Ingredients:

Cocoa butter 88.44%
Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%

To Insert a Suppository:

  • Wash your hands before and after. Try to empty your bowel and bladder just before inserting the suppository.
  • Remove the outer wrapper from the suppository before inserting it. Avoid handling the suppository too long or it will melt in your hands.
  • Lie on your side with your lower leg straightened out and your upper leg bent forward toward your stomach. Lift upper buttock to expose rectal area.
  • Insert one suppository, pointed end first, with your finger until it passes the muscular sphincter of the rectum, about 1 inch in adults. (If not inserted past the sphincter, the suppository may pop out.).
  • Hold buttocks together for five seconds.
  • For best results from the suppository, remain lying down for five minutes to avoid having the suppository come out.
  • The suppository will melt quickly once inserted and you should feel little or no discomfort while holding it in.
  • Avoid having a bowel movement for one to three hours after inserting the suppository.

For children under 12 years of age, consult a doctor. Please read the package for product warnings and complete labelling information.