RealGuard Reusable Facemask

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RealGuard Reuseable Facemasks are rated for both the wearer and others as 99.9% effective against covid-19 and the flu. They have 3 layers: a cotton inner and outer layer with an polycationic charge, and a polypropylene inner layer. They kill bacteria and viruses on contact so they can be worn daily for 7 days before needing a wash; protection is guaranteed for 30 washes. The RealGuard Reuseable Facemask doesn't require additional filters, and is simple and convenient to use.

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Antiviral properties guaranteed for up to 210 uses and 30 washes; protection is rated for a full workday of wear. Hand wash once a week or as needed in cold water for about 2 minutes. Masks should be replaced at least every six months.

The RealGuard Masks come in Large and Medium.

Typically, Medium fits most adults, teens, and older children, but Large will be better for people with broad faces or beards.

The masks can also be adjusted by means of the beads on the ear loops.

For more precise sizing, measure the distance from the bridge of your nose under your eyes, until just below your chin, and refer to the sizing chart.