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Kal Rahimi, BSc. Pharm, RPh  Pharmacy Operations Director

Director of Business Development

Kal Rahimi, BSc. Pharm

Kal Rahimi completed his bachelor of Pharmacy at UBC in 2011 and was licensed to practice the same year. His eagerness and passion to embrace an integrative patient-focused practice led him to Pure Pharmacy in 2012 where he took on the role of Pharmacy Manager at the Dunbar location. Kal’s caring and optimistic nature allows him to develop strong relationships with his patients and address the root cause of their problems not just masking their symptoms. His proactive approach combines traditional pharmacy with nutritional supplements, lifestyle management, hormone assessment and food sensitivity testing.

Throughout his career, Kal continued to expand his skills and knowledge through continuing education in bioidentical hormones, pain management, micronutrient deficiencies and pharmaceutical compounding. He also acts as a preceptor to UBC students during their clinical clerkships. Kal was promoted to his current role of Pharmacy Operations Manager in 2016.

He leads a team of highly motivated pharmacists ensuring they have the skills and training to provide that same level of patient care. Additionally, he meets with local physicians, naturopaths, and other healthcare providers to promote multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation. When Kal is not at work you can find him spending time with his family, enjoying nature, exploring new places and being active.