''As our world moves forward, people are taking their health in their own hands and searching for ways to augment conventional medicine with natural alternatives.''

Our Story

After years of hearing patient concerns while working as a compounding pharmacist, President and CEO Bob Mehr knew that our approach to health and wellness needed to head in a new direction.

In 1999, he founded the first Pure Integrative Pharmacy in Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island: focusing on preventative medicine and promoting vitality, Bob’s vision was to combine a holistic and integrative health model with traditional pharmacy services.

Since then, Pure Integrative Pharmacy has grown to encompass 19 locations across BC, an online e-commerce department, and a compounding laboratory that serves patients and practitioners across Canada.

Bob's vision is realized in the creation of pharmacies like no other, as every store promotes the three things he values most: family, community, and health.

Our Values


We’re non-judgmental, approachable, and welcoming.

Engagement and Connection 

When we’re with a customer, nothing else matters.


Before we recommend a remedy, we must be convinced of its evidence-backed efficacy and safety.


We believe in combining the best of conventional and complementary medicine.


We question the status quo, listen, and get ‘outside the jar’ perspectives.


We’re genuinely excited to be doing this good work.

Continual Education

Constant learning enhances our ability to support patients, engages our team, and gives customers new possibilities to discover.

Wondering what our star symbolizes?

By combining the cross symbol of conventional medicine and a diagonal cross, we've created a logo that tells the story of our integrative pharmacy.

blue medical "cross" motif

Conventional Medicine

alternate medicine "multiplication" motif

Alternative Medicine

Pure integrated pharmacy "snowflake" symbol made by combining a medical cross symbol with an alternative multiplication sign

Integrative Medicine


Our Golden Circle

What: Pharmacy, Eduction, Medication, and supplement management | Nutritional Consulting | Compounding | Events | Natural Beauty | Professional grade products backed by evidence.

How: Inspiring, guiding, and educating, not persuading | Listening without judgement or ego | Integrating schools of thought | Being cure agnostic | Backing everything with evidence | Relentless curiosity | Empowering customers to take control of their health.

Why: With an open mind, compassion, and responsibility, we challenge the status quo of pharmacy and enable our customer to enjoy greater health and vitality. 

Our Management Team

Bob Mehr, BSc. Pharm

Elizabeth Lesztak

Kal Rahimi, BSc. Pharm, RPh

Kevin Chu, BSc. Pharm

Stephanie Ching, BSc.Pharm

Petra Walter BSc (Pharm) RPh

Let Pure Integrative Pharmacy be your hub of health.