Skin Care
Sweet Potatoes

A Thanksgiving Feast for Your Skin

Everyone loves a good Thanksgiving dinner, but ever wonder what other benefits can be found in our favorite holiday foods? Here are a few of our favorite feast ingredients that have fantastic skin care properties and are found in many of the skin care products that we carry! Pumpkin: Rich in many nutrients including Vits A, C , E; zinc and beta carotene, the lowly pumpkin provides super anti-oxidant protection for the skin. Pumpkin also contains  a natural exfoliation benefit to the skin to help unblock pores and reveal a more radiant and even skin tone. Products containing pumpkin can also help to soothe and protect sensitive skins. Known to be able to reach deep into pores and be absorbed quickly, pumpkin can also be a great carrier for other skin care ingredients. Cranberries: A “super fruit