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All About Homeopathy

As complimentary (alternative) medicine becomes more accepted and entrenched in our society, we are re-discovering an array of healing methods that have been used successfully in the past. Homeopathy has been used as a blanket term for natural remedies, but is actually its own system of medicine, with its own remedies and principles. Here are a few FAQ’s that can help differentiate homeopathy and other natural therapies. Q. What is homeopathy?
  • Homeopathy is an individualized, highly effective system of medicine.
  • Homeopathy assists the body’s natural abilities to strengthen and heal itself.
  • Homeopathy recognizes that all symptoms are an expression of imbalance within the whole person, and that the patient, in his/her entirety requires treatment, not just the disease. This includes both the mind and the body.
Q. Who/when was it discovered?
  • The homeopathic principle of “likes cures likes