Bob Mehr
New Year

Bob: Inspire Each Other to Health

If you read Pure Pharmacy's quarterly, LivePure Journal of Integrative Medicine, you know Bob Mehr, President of Pure, is passionate about your health and well-being; everyone at Pure is! Here's Bob's message from the new LivePure that's now in stores, with some additional surprises inside, like coupons to help you save on your journey to health! Pick up a copy today at any location.


woman does yoga in snow

Looking back at the years past, I’m encouraged to see a clear shift in the perception of health and healing. Today, we have the knowledge, information, and the access needed to inspire ourselves, and each other, to achieve better health.

The start of another new year reminds me of how, when we opened our first pharmacy—21 years ago in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island—health and integrative preventative medicine concepts were not at all commonplace in our healthcare system.

So, it is greatly encouraging to see today’s growing interest in the importance of individual health, healthy living, and of supporting immune system function. Now, more and more people are embracing the real meaning of popular catch phrases such as “living your passion” and “work/life balance.”

Beyond the phrasing platitudes, a trend toward taking personal responsibility for health is on the rise. This mindful and healthful movement is shifting from grassroots to mainstream right before our eyes.

Deciding to start a new wellness journey is exciting. It’s one of the best decisions you could possibly make! But sticking to a plan isn’t always easy. We know sometimes the journey is hard, so encouragement, motivation, and inspiration are essential.

These are some simple tips for staying motivated and inspiring your journey to wellness. 

  • Challenge yourself to celebrate the journey and stay motivated by adding smaller wellness goals to your daily routine.
  • Be kind to yourself and don’t focus on being perfect. Instead, focus your energy and thoughts on moving forward.
  • Support your wellness journey by staying in touch with like-minded people. Find a workout buddy, join an online wellness community, sign up for group classes at the gym (when allowed again), or make a pact with a co-worker to take healthy breaks and go for a walk together.
  • Scheduling time to talk through your wellness goals with a healthcare expert can be a tremendous help. It is a conversation that can be a motivating force in and of itself, especially if you are just starting out.

My best advice? Make wellness part of your lifestyle and identity, not just another goal that you are trying to achieve. You can improve your chances of success by inviting friends and family to start a wellness journey of their own, and growing your healthy-habits community together.

It is true that we are all in this together, and we can inspire each other to better, healthy living.

Bob Mehr - President, Pure Integrative Pharmacy