Cold & Flu

Cold and flu season is just around the corner! Here are some great, natural, homeopathic remedies that the whole family can take during this time of the year. These remedies will not cause any drowsiness, sideeffects and won’t interact with any other OTC medicine:


Useful remedy for stopping colds in their tracks! Valuable for use in the early stages of cold, fever and sore throat. Symptoms to consider for use: dryness of nose and skin, intense thirst, gaining cold/flu after exposure to cold dry winds.


Helpful for persons who need comfort and attention when suffering from a cold/flu. Symptoms to consider for use: thick, yellow and non-irritating nasal discharge, feel better in the open air, dry mouth with no thirst, feel chilled even in a warm room.


Widely used remedy for flu, especially if comes on gradually. Symptoms to consider for use: gradual onset of fever, shivering, chills up and down the spine, aches and pain, intense fatigue and no thirst, burning throat. These remedies can be found at Pure Integrative Pharmacy in the “homeopathic/natural health section.