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Mandatory Masks are Gaining Momentum

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It can be hard to hear, but historically, pandemics have always had a second wave. It’s just a fact. And after the worldwide lock down, most of us are looking for ways to ensure we can stay safe and healthy as we go about our daily lives. We all want to act now to avoid that second wave.

Now businesses that manage large numbers of people in close quarters every day, are also looking for new and safe ways forward, and to avoid being a contributor to a possible second wave.

On top of the business concerns, more and more members of the general public are becoming vocal with their requests to see mandatory mask requirements whenever we can’t maintain our physical distancing.

The requests may be working now because the science is proving that masks work to help stop the spread.

We know that people infected with Covid-19 have a period with no symptoms that they can still transmit the virus. So even if you feel fine, you may be sick. And by the time symptoms occur, you may have already transmitted the virus without knowing.

Wearing a mask, even when we feel well, can reduce the spray of droplets and aerosols exhaled while we talk or even simply breathe; this in turn can reduce the possibility of airborne transmission to others.

This week, Translink and Walmart have announced mandatory mask requirements for almost all of their customers, with exceptions for the very young and those with valid medical concerns.

Dr. Bonnie Henry says she’s pleased with the decision being made if customers are in enclosed areas and unable to physically distance, like on a bus or Skytrain.

And since an informal poll of transit riders overwhelmingly agrees with the idea, chances are we’ll soon be seeing more and more masking requirements as we move into fall.

Walmart will require mandatory masks starting August 12, and Translink’s mandatory policy goes into effect on August 24. Will you be ready?