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Pharmacists Stand Ready to Help


Did you know that in this flu season alone, BC Pharmacists have already administered more than 1 million flu shots to protect British Columbians?

Even before the role out of COVID-19 immunizations in BC, pharmacists have been on the front lines of vaccination distribution for years.

At Pure, we provide evidence-based vaccinations for our patients all year long—providing protection options from flu to whooping cough.

Currently in BC, Pure Pharmacy is accessing flu vaccination supplies and offering flu vaccinations until the end of the flu season or as long as supplies last. Call or visit one of our 16 locations to find out more

COVID-19 Immunization Timelines

As COVID-19 vaccination supplies increase and the BC Government rolls out the vaccinations more broadly, the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia is working closely with the Ministry of Health to support the response to this new disease.

And all 16 Pure Integrative Pharmacies in BC are ready to support the response too. We have our sleeves rolled up and we’re eager to provide our immunization expertise to patients requiring the vaccine. We hope the vaccine(s) will be available at Pure Pharmacy by April or May.

And of course, we’re here to answer your questions too: Who should get the vaccine? What are the benefits of the vaccine? What are the side effects? Our knowledgeable Pharmacists have answers for you.

The Timeline (as we know it)

Right now, timelines around COVID-19 vaccinations seem somewhat fluid but a general framework is in place. The current target group of higher risk patients, medical staff and caregivers will receive ongoing vaccinations with an expected completion date by the end of February.

Also in February, most hospital staff, GP’s and other medical professionals will start to be vaccinated. Pharmacists should be receiving their individual vaccinations in March.

By April or May, Pure Pharmacy should be able to begin providing COVID-19 vaccinations at all of our locations. We look forward to providing this service and helping our patients, customers, colleagues, families, friends, and communities find their way forward in 2021.

The exact details from the Province of BC

Here’s the immunization timeline as currently provided by the Province of BC:  

The first groups to get vaccinated between December and February:

  • Residents, staff and essential visitors to long-term care and assisted-living residences
  • Individuals in hospital or community awaiting a long-term care placement
  • Health care workers providing care for COVID-19 patients in settings like Intensive Care Units, emergency departments, medical/surgical units and paramedics
  • Remote and isolated Indigenous communities

From February to March, the immunization program will expand:

  • Community-based seniors, age 80 and above
  • Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) seniors, age 65 and above
  • Indigenous elders
  • People experiencing homelessness and/or using shelters
  • Provincial correctional facilities
  • Adults in group homes or mental health residential care.
  • Long term home support recipients and staff
  • Hospital staff, community GPs and medical specialists
  • Other Indigenous communities not vaccinated in first priority group

After initial priority groups are vaccinated, additional groups may be prioritized for vaccination. The scheduling of priority groups for vaccination may be modified as transmission is monitored.

General population timeline

Following all priority groups, all others in B.C. can get vaccinated as more vaccine becomes available, if the vaccines available are recommended for them.

A registration and record system is in development, including a process to register for vaccine access and to receive a formal record of immunization.

  • There is no need to call your local health authority at this time

Everyone vaccines are recommended for in B.C. will have the opportunity to get the vaccine by the end of 2021. Herd immunity could be reached once 60 to 70% of the population is vaccinated. When people in British Columbia decide to get the COVID-19 vaccine, they are not only protecting themselves from the virus, they are also protecting everyone around them. If a majority of British Columbians get the COVID-19 vaccine, this would reduce transmission rapidly.