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Pop up Mother's Day

woman calls mom on video phone

Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s a Mom’s Day like never before. Social distancing and stay home orders that are only at the beginning of a partial relaxation mean we’ll need to get creative to make mom feel especially special this Sunday. Here’s some creative ways to lift mom up, even during our ongoing #pandemiclife.

Of course, there are no rules around celebrating mom on Mother’s Daybut there are lots of rules about celebrating together during a pandemic. So how can you celebrate mom and stay safe? Just get creative! (And mom, feel free to forward these to your partner and the kids).

Living in the same household?

Well now, you’re the lucky ones this Sunday. Same household members are able to hug and share quality time together. So Mother’s Day is a chance to make sure mom feels the love from everyone at home. The last eight weeks or so have been stressful and difficult for most everyone, mom included.

You’ve got the best opportunity to keep on trucking with Mom’s Day traditions like breakfast in bed, fresh flowers and all day hugs. Or consider a special lunch and/or dinner prepared by the kids, just for mom. And if you can’t cook, takeout and delivery options that adhere to distancing measures are readily available from local restaurants.

The kids can even show their appreciation for all the many things that mom does by just taking on extra chores like cleaning up the house, including their own rooms! Now that’s love.

Living in different households?

This is a bit trickier, so now’s the time for a real burst of creativity. Try a drive-by sign and honk. From birthday parties to Mom’s Day, many yearly celebrations that used to be acknowledged by gathering together have instead taken to the open road.

Many people have been making signs for their loved ones, dressing up the kids and even themselves and hitting the road to create drive-by celebrations. For some families, it’s an opportunity for multiple households to come together at a safe distance and let mom know they care.

In Vancouver, a recent drive-by-party included a mini-car parade with multiple households celebrating from their individual vehicles. Signs, balloons and streamers were all in attendance. And don’t forget, lots of restaurants have touch-free take-out or delivery; maybe mom would appreciate dinner left on the doorstep. Honk Honk, we love you MOM!

Living in a care home?

This is the trickiest of all for this year’s Mother’s Day. It’s especially hard to be close to those who are the most vulnerable right now. They need our love more than ever before, but they also need our protection.

Across the country families are visiting loved ones in care homes by gathering at windows outside the facilities and making calls to their loved ones inside. It’s not the same, but it’s sure to make mom feel like she matters and probably bring a tear to everyone’s eye.

Now get creative at the care home too! In Calgary this week, a group of kids and adult volunteers dressed up in fancy clothes and crazy costumes to celebrate with seniors by dancing outside their care home. Why not? Dress the kids up like it’s a happy Halloween (no ghouls or ghosts) and give mom and her care home friends a loving site for sore eyes.

Final thoughts?

No matter what you choose to do this Sunday, do something for mom! We all know the stress of these unexpected times, but moms typically shoulder more burdens, both physical (like cooking and cleaning) and emotional (like constant anxiety and worry for their families and the future).

So, let’s collectively find ways to meet our social distancing requirements while we send a collective wave of love to all the incredible moms and wonderful women everywhere. Happy Mother's Day!