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Profiling Pure Pharmacy's Founder

profile of Pure founder Bob Mehr


Many of our pharmacy clients already know about the passion our Founder and CEO, Bob Mehr, has for the health and wellness of people everywhere. Bob's passion drives everything we do at Pure!

Now, have you ever heard of the PCCA? Maybe not, but as a compounding pharmacy, the PCCA is the professional organization for Compounding Pharmacists like us! The organization embraces a mission to help pharmacists and prescribers create personalized medicines that make a difference in patients’ lives.

This week, we're excited that the PCCA Blog has profiled Pure Pharmacy’s founder and CEO, Bob Mehr.

If you’ve ever wondered how Pure Pharmacy maintains its extensive expertise and a laser focus on patient-first initiatives, then you’ll love reading Bob’s Q+A with PCCA. Bob drives that laser focus for all of us! It’s a 3 minute read and it’s over on their blog — you can read it here