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Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus

I know that as Christmas approaches and our feet are all warmly tucked away in cozy slippers and boots our toenails are the last things on our minds, but they shouldn’t be. In no time at all the first flowers of spring will bloom and, as Vancouverites, we will be back in shorts and flip-flops the moment the rain stops. If your unsightly toenail fungus limited your footwear selection last summer, or if you spent your hard-earned money on pedicures and nail polish to camouflage your symptoms, then NOW is the time to start treating your nails so you can expose them fearlessly this summer. Onychomycosis (nail fungus) is the most common and stubborn of all nail diseases. By the age of 50, one in four of us have this embarrassing nail disorder and are hiding its typical symptoms of discoloured and thickened nails. That small yellowed corner that you attempt to treat with over the counter medication or home remedies is highly contagious and destined to worsen. Without effective, early treatment the chance of one affected nail spreading to the others is 100%! Both topical and oral medications are currently used to treat nail fungus. Topical medications are ineffective as they do not penetrate the nail to the required depth, and oral medications are associated with potential serious side effects and require regular blood tests to monitor for liver and kidney damage. At Pure Health Centre, Halcyon Laser Solutions is now offering risk free, painless and effective laser treatments that take less than 15 minutes, have no down-time, and are over 80% effective at eliminating fungus when combined with a topical antifungal cream to prevent reinfection. Halcyon Laser Solutions has been using the Health Canada and FDA approved Cutera GenesisPlus laser since its debut in 2011 and have successfully eliminated nail fungus for hundreds of patients. Call our Pure Health Centre to book your consultation and/or treatment to ensure you are sporting those flip-flops this summer! Kelly Hallam (RTNM), Medical & Laser Technologist