Molecular You

We want you to stay healthy!

We analyze the most diverse range of biomarkers to show your health risks today – and what you can do about it.

Your health is more than your genetics. Our preventive health assessments analyze not only your genetics, but also your metabolites, proteins, nutrients and toxins to give you the full picture. Then, we design a personal diet and fitness plan to help you stay healthy.

As a Pure Integrative Pharmacy customer, you know the importance of preventive health and you already take steps to live a healthier life. But do you know your body’s current and future health risks? Do you know which supplements you should be taking?

A genetic test can only reveal your inherited risks. To get the full picture of your health, you need to look at not only genetics, but also the dynamic interactions between your diet, lifestyle, and environment. A Molecular You health assessment integrates your personal history with your genetics, the metabolites and proteins in your blood, and the nutrients and toxins in your diet, to tell you what is going on in your body today and your potential future health risks.

Our technology enables earlier detection of your risks and provides a personal diet and fitness plan to proactively manage those risks.

When you purchase a Molecular You health assessment through your Pure Integrative Pharmacy, your pharmacist or health advisor will go through the results with you and discuss which supplements are right for you.

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