Thyroid Issues

Thyroid Disorders

Disharmony of any part of the endocrine system will have a ripple-like effect on the entire body. The thyroid is a very common example of an endocrine gland which plays a large role in our overall well being. An overactive thyroid can cause hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include anxiety, increased heart rate, low body weight, elevated body temperature, insomnia, bulging of the eyes, sweating, and hyperactivity. Additional symptoms of hyperthyroidism are low body temperature, lethargy, fatigue, and difficulty gaining weight. Multiple subsequent pathologies can result from thyroid imbalance.

The thyroid often requires an exact dose of therapeutic hormones based on the patient’s specific excess or deficiency. Normally, synthetic thyroid medication is commercially available in non-customized dosages. Unfortunately, these do not always work for patients. At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, natural thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) can be made into customized compounds with the option for sustained release formulations. These formulations have the benefit of providing consistent hormone levels throughout the day.

Many patients come to Pure Integrative Pharmacy to manage their thyroid conditions. One of our most loyal patients, Terri, has struggled with hyperthyroidism for years. She has successfully controlled her symptoms since switching to Pure’s customized natural thyroid treatments. Not only that, but Terri has experienced fewer side effects using these custom compounded medications.