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Is it Allergies or is it a Cold?

woman at desk sneezing

On top of a global pandemic, it's allergy season. And both allergies and colds share some similar symptoms! But don't fret. The simple chart below quickly shows where symptoms overlap and where they're totally different.

Seasonal spring allergies are usually triggered by pollen. Pollen counts ramp up in spring as trees, grasses and weeds release tiny bursts of pollen into the air. 

Eventually we breathe them in, or in some cases get them in our eyes or on our skin, and for those with seasonal allergies, the immune system overreacts.

Suddenly, the body senses a threat and releases histamines to fight the pollen invaders. That's when Battleground You erupts with a runny nose, itchy eyes, and a host of other uncomfortable symptoms. 

But all that can also feel like a cold coming on. So check out our chart to see where your sniffley, sneezey symptoms fit, and to help you decide if you might need to seek a doctor's advice. This chart is a simple snapshot of the most common symptoms but is not exhaustive and is not meant to diagnose. 

chart of allergy vs cold symptoms

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