Himalayan Hydrator Elite Lemonyeti 355ml

Himalayan Hydrator Elite Lemonyeti 355ml

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Packing a thirst-quenching lemon punch LEMONYETI has all the electrolytes, trace minerals and nutrients you need without artificial food dyes, flavourings, and chemical additives.

LEMONYETI is one of three delicious flavours of Hydrator Elite-the most potent, natural rehydration drink available specifically designed to help with physical recovery during an after a workout. Made from pure ocean salts and bioavailable minerals this drink contains the minimum sugars needed to maximize absorption. We've done our research to create a sports drink that's insanely effective.
• 6 Essential electrolytes

• 550+ Total electrolytes
• 0 Caffeine

Filtered water, organic lemon juice (from concetrate), organic cane sugar, organic flavour, marine magnesium, calcium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride.

Do not use if safety seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children.