Manuka Honey 21 Complex

Manuka Honey 21 Complex

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Manuka Honey has been clinically found to have higher therapeutic properties than other varieties of honey. We combine New Zealand Manuka Beeswax 12+, high performance aloe (ACTIValoe®) with 19 certified organic botanical ingredients that to work together to provide four levels of skin care: - Nourishing vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, C, E & K) - Moisturizing from essential fatty acids (omega's 3, 6 & 9) - Skin protectant natural antioxidants (amino acids) - Soothing anti-inflammatory (bioflavonoids) Made free of harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors makes this a versatile phytonutrient cream to supports both skin repair and promotes glowing, youthful healthy skin.


Skin: Place a small amount in the palm of the hand and apply directly to affected skin areas. Safe for use after breastfeeding. Hair: Place a small amount of cream in the palm of the hand and rub both hands together lightly coating your fingers and palm with cream. Run hands through dry damaged hair until you achieve desired smoothing. Can style as usual, or apply a heavier coating for overnight nourishment. Use cream lightly so hair does not appear greasy. Use as often as needed.