Breast cancer survival and integrative therapies
Of the 12 modalities considered, six were especially highlighted in the authors recommendations to include as part of an integrative therapy offering; including exercise counselling, nutrition counselling, psycho-oncology support and more.
How to get a Better Sleep, Tonight
Thanks to pandemic life, we’re experiencing a steady increase of complaints around poor sleep quality and its effects on our kids, our teens, and ourselves. But good sleep is a skill, and it’s as teachable as washing our hands and cleaning our teeth.
The Facts about DNA Testing
The topic of home genetic testing comes up quite frequently with our patients. Should you get them done? What does the data mean? Should you change your behaviours based on your genes?
When Health is Impaired by Environment
Our collective health, as individuals and as communities, is inextricable from the health of our planet as a whole. And maybe now more than ever before, we can see the negative effects of environment on the state of human health
Feeling Sick and Tired — Perimenopause or Stress?
Increased work-life demands during a pandemic means that, never before, have women felt the stress and pressure to keep so many proverbial balls in the air.
5 Tips for Mindfulness to Manage your Day
Canadians have experienced a drop in emotional satisfaction and a rise in stress and anxiety levels. That’s pandemic life. But it doesn’t have to be. Take control and find strength with 5 simple tools to find mindfulness in your day.
Bio-identical hormone therapy explained
The body’s metabolism is very complex. Many systems have to work together to create healthy function. In order for these interdependent systems to run smoothly, a communication system is required.
How to Improve Office Ergonomics at Home
In the midst of our quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak, many Canadians are being forced to work from home, often hunched over their laptops in awkward positions for hours. Here's how to get a better workspace going.
Resilience; an Integrative Perspective
Life on earth has survived through billions of years because of its ability to adapt to changes. All living things today are the product of this evolutionary intelligence. We wouldn’t be here reading this article if we didn’t have resilience.
Farmers Market Produce with Fresh Nutritional Impact
’Tis the season when fresh, colourful produce is abundant! It’s time to take advantage of the nutritional punch these locally grown, seasonal foods have to offer us. Not only does buying local benefit the community, it helps the planet.
5 Foods to Help Support Immune Health
To be prepared for any health contingency, we all want to maintain our immune systems. For centuries, many cultures have used specific ingredients for their healing properties, not to mention immune-boosting benefits.
Treating Male Pattern Hair Loss
Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, can start any time after puberty. You may be thinking to yourself that 20 seems early for hair loss to start, however that’s the reality for nearly a fifth of all men.
Remain Calm to Boost Immunity
By now, COVID-19 has reached every corner of the Earth and will be remembered by all who are experiencing it. What it reminds us though, is that it's up to each of us to maintain our health, to stay level, and to remain calm.
A Clinical Trial for Intravenous Vitamin C
While we’re all hard at work managing the sweeping changes transforming our daily lives, the worldwide scientific community is hard at work to discover a prevention, a treatment, or a cure for the current pandemic.
It’s Okay to not be Okay
With all of the recent and rapid changes that have occurred, many people have experienced an increase in stress and anxiety. Many of us had to quickly change plans and were forced to adjust to situations that are far from stress free. But it's okay.
Connections + Love = Immune System Tonic
We’re definitely in uncharted territory as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Most of us have never known war or a pandemic in our lifetime. How are you holding up? Hopefully, well. But it’s hard.