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6 Tips to Make Taking Prescriptions Easier

pharmacist fills prescription

Taking prescribed medications or supplements can be unexpectedly difficult for some of us. In fact, adherence to physician prescribed medications and dosing instructions is estimated to be as low as 50% in developed countries, and as low as 10% in developing countries.

That means a lot of us may be forgetting to take our prescribed remedies, or we’re just taking them wrong because we’ve misunderstood the dosing instructions. And about half of us who are taking prescribed medications are just confused about medication timing, dosage or proper use of dosing devices like inhalers.

For some with chronic conditions, taking medications can even become tiresome, which reduces the rates of success as patients abandon their care provider’s advice.

But as pharmacists, we know how incredibly important proper adherence to prescribed medication can be to the success of health outcomes.

Together with patients and physicians, we’re here to help with advice on integrating medications, lifestyles, values and preferences — to keep you on track for your best health outcomes.

  1. Talk to your pharmacist

    At Pure, we’ve got a few more options for patients than the big box drugstores. We can actually compound medications in our own sterile labs. That means we can help you find ways to adhere to your prescribed medications that you may not know about. Find it hard to take pills; or maybe your child does? We might be able to compound a liquid version that tastes good. Or even combine multiple medications into a single dose. Seriously, talk to us — we can help.

  2. Make a reminder note or a list

    Posting a reminder note or a list of your prescriptions and dosing times can help you remember to take your medications regularly and on time. Post it somewhere you’ll see it often, like on the fridge or in your home office.

  3. Make a calendar alert

    Most of us have mobile devices and it’s easy to set up single or multiple alerts everyday to blip, beep, or buzz you into remembering to take prescribed medications on time. You can also go old school analog and mark it on a paper calendar if you already refer to it often and daily.

  4. Tie your dosage to your regular daily activities

    We all have daily routines, so associate taking your medication with something you do every day. That could be eating breakfast, or showering, or taking a coffee break or getting ready for bed. If you can, keep your meds in a visible place associated with your routine. If your prescription is refrigerated or needs to be kept away from children and pets, use a sticky note to remind you of your dose.

  5. Use a pill box

    It’s so simple but it’s often overlooked. A pill box let patients separate their medication doses by day, and even by times of day. Pill boxes keep things organized, allow patients to see at a glance if they’ve taken their medication on schedule, and can easily fit into purses or bags for outings and travel.

  6. Ask for help

    Lots of us take medications, so ask your family members or a trusted friend to help you remember to take prescribed doses. Even if you live alone, your trusted loved ones can call or text at an appointed time to help keep your medication schedule on track.

Call us or come see us at Pure Pharmacy. Our dedicated pharmacists are ready to help you take your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplement treatments as prescribed to ensure your best health outcomes!