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Holiday Survival with Health & Beauty

Perfect your pucker for mistletoe mischief! Winter weather can take it’s toll on our delicate lips. To make sure that you lips stay healthy and beautiful make sure to exfoliate off dry, chapped areas with a natural sugar scrub and follow with moisture. A good pairing is to use a conditioning lip cream in the evening, as creams can deeply penetrate to intensively nourish, while using a balm type lip product during the day as they provide a protective barrier to harsh elements. A sheer gloss over a lip color or on it’s own can make the lips appear healthy and dewy while also giving the illusion of a fuller lip! A good tip is to use a nude or clear lip liner under the gloss to improve the wearability without changing the sheerness of the gloss. Tones with a bluer undertone can also serve to create a whiter smile as well.