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Fitness boot camps are the rage, they’re meant to kick start your fitness regime. They claim rapid body reshaping, but you’re on your own to complete the package. Proper nutrition and supplements are a must for overall health and well-being. Consider enhancing the outcome of any fitness program including a ‘boot camp’ style program with these supplements. Boot camp supplements A multivitamin helps meet the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of some nutrients that food alone may not provide and are necessary to maintaining required nutrient levels. In addition, other vitamins have been shown to reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease and certain age-related conditions. Omega 3 regulates metabolism, brain development and function, circulation, hemoglobin production and immunity, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails, can help relieve symptoms of PMS, and is an anti-inflammatory for arthritic joints. It also helps lower blood triglycerides (fat), thereby reducing risk of heart disease.Antioxidants prevent and repair cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radical scavengers include Vitamins A, C and E, selenium, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, green tea and grape seed. Digestive enzymes promote chemical reactions in the body, aiding digestion; their increased activity may benefit injuries and inflammation. Probiotics, meaning ‘to promote life’, are friendly bacteria living in the intestinal tract that balance health by promoting good bacteria. Physical exercise, a nutritional plan, core supplements and persistence make your boot camp program a success with you looking and feeling great! Always consult your doctor before starting a boot camp class or any fitness program.

From: Canadian Health & LifestyleSubmitted by: Webber Naturals Written By: Dr. Joyce Tellier Johnson, BSc, ND, educates health care professionals on natural health products; integrating pharmacological and natural therapies. A regular guest on CHUM radio; writes for numerous magazines on the safe and effective use of complementary medicine.