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The Doctor is in. Why aren’t we seeing them?

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Back at the end of March, we were already concerned about reports that the general public was avoiding needed medical care because of pandemic concerns. So we encouraged you and our other readers to call you doctor and get the medical care and the medications you need.

But now, at the beginning of June, we’re still seeing patients across Canada who are missing out on necessary medical consultations because of the ongoing pandemic.

In Hamilton, Dr. Alim Pardhan, lead of emergency medicine, told the CBC last week that patients are reluctant to see doctors and attend emergency rooms out of fear of contracting COVID-19.

Dr. Pardan noted that patients in emergency rooms are more unwell than usual; that patients are delaying care and that easily treatable conditions are often being seen much later in their progression when they can be much harder to treat successfully.

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Doctors are available for all your health questions (including about coronavirus). They’re also ready to provide checkups and condition assessments, medical advice, prescriptions and refills and sick notes.

So don’t delay caring for your health.

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