At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we are in constant communications with various practitioners, doctors & naturopaths in our communities. These ongoing and important communications are key to a better health outcome of our patients. With the help of this directory, our goal is to provide you with options of choosing the right practitioner for your optimal health. You can search by field of specialty, or by location. We will be updating and adding more practitioners to this directly on regular basis.

Dr. Colleen Hartwick ND

Naturopathic Doctor
 2-1330 Dogwood St.
Campbell River, BC, V9W 3A6
Phone: 250-203-2317
Email :

Upon graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2011, Dr. Colleen opened her family practice in downtown Campbell River. She has a special interest in mental health and trauma as a core factor in disease. Beyond mental wellbeing, Dr. Colleen focuses primarily on diet and nutrition, digestive health, autoimmunity and male and female hormone optimization.

Dr. Boer, Courtenay, ND
Juniper Family Health
314-1175 Cook Street
Victoria, BC V8V 4A1
Phone: 778-265-8340
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Dr. Courtenay Boer provides evidence-based, naturally focused family healthcare in Victoria. She focuses on treating stress, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, and cardiovascular health.

Dr. Cheng, Lawrence, MD
Connect Health
205 - 2786 West 16th Ave
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-733-4400

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Dr. Cheng is the co-founder/director of Connect Health Care Centre for Integrative + Functional Medicine. Dr. Cheng is trained in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University.

Dr. Holmes, Dorian, ND
Soultice Health Moves 
(at Sage Clinic)

487 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2G2
Phone: 604-697-0397

Gastrointestinal transformation enthusiast, an abundance maker, lover of laughter, ocean waves, and creating movement that changes lives.

Areas of interest:
General Practice, Mental Health, Nutrition, Sport Medicine, Autoimmune

Dr. Grimwood, Ann, ND
Restoration Health Clinic
#319 - 1277 Lynn Valley Rd
North Vancouver, BC V7J 0A2
Phone: 604-990-6963

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“Healthy living begins with a healthy mindset! For me, healthy living is not just your physical wellbeing; it is a state of mind, body and soul."

Dr. Rahr, Natalie, ND
Dr. Natalie Rahr
Suite 236 - 1628 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 778-858-7247

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Dr. Rahr focuses in practice is on biomedical support for autism, spectrum and related conditions, autoimmunity, gut health and brain health, mental health and stress, women's health, acupuncture craniosacral therapy and iv therapy.