At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we are in constant communications with various practitioners, doctors & naturopaths in our communities. These ongoing and important communications are key to a better health outcome of our patients. With the help of this directory, our goal is to provide you with options of choosing the right practitioner for your optimal health. You can search by field of specialty, or by location. We will be updating and adding more practitioners to this directly on regular basis.

Dr. Peddle, Briana, ND
Serenity Health
22-2662 Austin Ave
Coquitlam BC
Phone: (604) 492-0815

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As the mother of an energetic preschooler who was not always a perfect sleeper, Dr. Peddle know what it means to be tired. This is why she has focused her practice on helping TIRED MOMS. Fatigue isn’t just a drain on energy, it also impacts your hormones, digestion, mood, immune system, ability to heal and more.

Dr. Mohan Ram, Sanjay, ND

Cross Roads Naturopathic Clinic
350 - 507 W. Broadway Ave
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1E6
Phone: 604-568-6899

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Dr. Mohan Ram's deals with clinical nutrition & diet therapy for weight loss and other digestive conditions. He also specializes in adjunctive Naturopathic cancer treatments, intravenous vitamin treatments for anti-aging, immune boosting, detox, ...