At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we are in constant communications with various practitioners, doctors & naturopaths in our communities. These ongoing and important communications are key to a better health outcome of our patients. With the help of this directory, our goal is to provide you with options of choosing the right practitioner for your optimal health. You can search by field of specialty, or by location. We will be updating and adding more practitioners to this directly on regular basis.

Dr. Fahrin Mohamed (ND)

LéWellness Naturopathic Clinic

A1- 140 East 14th Street

North Vancouver, V7L2N3

Phone: 604-505-4325

Fax: 604-394-2522




Having battled her own ailments, Dr. Mohamed gravitated towards naturopathic medicine because of the holistic and multi faceted approach it offers. Dr. Mohamed has a firm belief that health is not linear but dynamic with many facets. A very integral part is the mind and body connection and what we feed our subconscious. Dr.Mohamed believes in micro steps that are manageable for the patient, but ultimately takes them to optimal health. An integral part of Dr. Mohamed’s treatment plan is the zone technique. With only two other doctor’s certified in BC, she applies this to most treatments and chose this certification because it balances the body and optimizes the mind and body connection.

Dr. Lucas MacMillan, ND
Delbrook Integrative Medical Centre
100 - 3711 Delbrook Ave
North Vancouver
BC V7N 3Z4
Phone: 604-986-9191
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Sports Medicine & Injuries · Hormone Therapies · Naturopathic Doctor · North Vancouver
"My focus is on helping you to achieve the next level of health, performance, and longevity. As a previous registered nurse & now a naturopathic physician, I have many tools to get you there"

Dr. Shabita Teja, ND
Sinclair Wellness Centre
Dr. Shabita Teja | BSc (Pharm), ND
Unit 228-757 West Hastings St.,
Vancouver BC V6C1A1 

Phone: 604.629.1120 
Fax: 604.683.2565

Born & raised in the Lower Mainland, Shabita went to the University of British Columbia to pursue a degree in pharmaceutical sciences & is a licensed pharmacist in BC. She recently completed her training at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine & is also now a licensed naturopathic physician.

As someone who has gone through her own health challenges including chronic pain & Ulcerative colitis, Shabita has seen first-hand that the balance between acute and supportive therapies is one of the keys to wellness. As such, she strives to bridge the gap between conventional & naturopathic medicine to not only treat but support her patient’s wellbeing.

Dr. Jamal, Shahzaleen, ND
Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic
1308 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 4A6
Phone: 604-738-2111
Fax: 604-738-5515

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Dr. Jamal works with her patients to help regulate hormones (adrenal function, thyroid function, sex hormones, blood sugar regulation), improve digestion, ensure elimination pathways are at their healthiest and promote restful sleep and healthy moods,