Utiva Prevention Urinary Tract Infection Control 30VCaps

Utiva Prevention Urinary Tract Infection Control 30VCaps

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Compared with regular cranberry pills for UTIs, each Utiva Control Capsules contains 36 mg of soluble PACs at 15% concentration - one of the highest in the market, and the clinically proven amount necessary to be effective at avoiding UTIs.

This full source of soluble PACs has strong positive effects on gut and bladder health and provides a greater amount of antioxidants.

NPN: 80079601

Take 1 capsule daily around the same time with or without food.

There are no known side effects with Utiva UTI Control unless you are allergic to cranberries. Typcially cranberry products are known to have high levels of Vitamin K and Oxalates. These can interfere with blood thinners and aggravate kidney stones. Utiva UTI Control has removed the Vitamin K and only has trace amounts of Oxalates.

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