Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Management

Pain is something that everyone experiences, yet millions of people suffer from pain chronically. Determining how to manage chronic pain will vary among individuals. The cause of their pain, their lifestyles, and their preferred method of treatment will all be factors to consider. A patient's level of tolerance with prescribed pain medications, such as opioids, is another factor to consider. These pain medications can cause undesirable and dangerous side effects. These include gastrointestinal issues, lethargy and addiction.

At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we can custom compound medications for our patients that minimize or eliminate these side effects. For example, topical pain preparations can be made to target specific areas of the body. Topical preparations bypass the gastrointestinal system, thus minimizing side effects and gastrointestinal discomfort. These transdermal creams are also non-habit forming and can treat chronic pain, acute pain, as well as nausea.

Transdermal pain remedies have been incredibly helpful to many of our patients, such as Donovan. Donovan was a taxi driver who suffered from chronic lower back pain from the repetitive motions and long hours of sitting his job required. Besides recommending Donovan see a physiotherapist and massage therapist, our compounding pharmacists made him an anti-inflammatory cream with muscle relaxants. This custom compounded cream reduced his pain enough to allow him to comfortably perform at work, without any side effects from the medication or putting any other aspects of his health at risk.