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Fibromyalgia is a condition associated with debilitating muscle pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the condition. Yet many of these symptoms are treatable with the help of our practitioners and pharmacists. An individualized, functional approach to healing is especially required when managing this condition. If known, we will help treat the cause of fibromyalgia. We will also make lifestyle, hormonal, and dietary recommendations for each patient.

Pharmacists at Pure can create individualized protocols for fibromyalgia patients. These protocols often include custom pain management compounds, hormone replacement therapy, and supplemental intervention. The team at Pure will investigate the cause of the illness, and if it is hormonal, we can create an individualized hormone treatment. If the cause is due to a nutrient deficiency, we can treat it with high quality, customized vitamin and mineral supplementation as well as nutritional consulting. Oftentimes, these protocols developed by the team at Pure can replace traditional medical treatments for fibromyalgia.

One year ago, Linda came into Pure Integrative Pharmacy suffering from fibromyalgia for a decade and treated it conventionally until she came to Pure Integrative Pharmacy one year ago. She was taking pain medication for her symptoms and was bedridden many days a week due to unbearable pain and fatigue. It was not until she spoke with our compounding pharmacist that she decided to look deeper into the cause of her illness. Working together with our pharmacists and resident doctor, they determine Linda had low levels of androgens. She was also deficient in magnesium and vitamin B-12. We guided Linda to have intravenous vitamin B-12 therapy, prescribed our compounded Bob’s Magnesium bis-glycinate, and designed a hormonal protocol for her with our hormone replacement therapies. With the help of our team at Pure, Linda has decreased her symptoms and increased her quality of life significantly.

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