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Hemorrhoids cause extreme discomfort and pain in the anus and rectum. At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we can prepare custom medications to treat this discomfort based on the severity of the case. We offer many topical creams and systemic treatments for hemorrhoids. Yet sometimes these treatments alone are inadequate. At Pure, we create preparations to heal the hemorrhoids and offer a variety of remedies to manage the pain caused by this condition.

Medications prepared in our compounding pharmacy can help manage conditions such as anal fissures, pain affecting the perianal region, and inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and colitis. We can also offer pain management support post-operation when hemorrhoids are surgically removed. On top of this, we also formulate customized treatments for patients who are experiencing radiation proctitis during radiation therapy for pelvic malignancy.

Shaun was a patient of ours who came in looking for constipation and pain relief. After speaking with him about his symptoms of extreme pain during and after having bowel movements, we realized that he might have hemorrhoids. Shaun visited the doctor in our building, who confirmed he had been suffering from hemorrhoids for months without knowing. We formulated a customized compound for his constipation, pain, and hemorrhoids.

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