Personalized Approach to Fertility


If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties conceiving, seeking help through a functional medicine approach is an excellent idea. With the help of your natural healthcare practitioner, doctor and compounding pharmacist, an integrative protocol can be developed especially for you. Common commercially available medications for fertility are very expensive, can be impersonal, and are not based on the specific needs of the patient.

At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we can not only create custom compounds for fertility based on your symptomatology and hormonal profile. However, we are also always here to provide you with the support and advice you require to help your body achieve an optimal state of fertility. We offer support guides and reading material on the topics, and you always have access to a variety of natural health products to support the protocol we will help design.

We work with many couples at Pure and see great results from our fertility protocols. We worked with a menopausal patient named Clara and got her exact hormone level profiles using a Saliva kit from Rocky Mountain analytical. Based on these results we were able to custom compound hormones to ensure that her body had adequate levels of them. We also dosed hormones according to her body to ensure she received the most benefit from the therapy.

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