Custom Options For Kids


Parents often have issues getting their children to take medicine. This is because commercially available medications are rarely available in forms appealing to children. Kids are often repelled or attracted to orally consuming medicines based on taste and appearance. There are few commercially available children medications that come in appealing dosage forms. Yet at Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we have more options and compound medications into various appealing and discrete forms. These include lollipops, freezer pops, topical creams, gummies and tasty liquid suspensions.

At Pure, we like to keep a strong sense of community. Our pharmacists and natural health advisors make it a point get to know to know their patients and families very well. Johny, our compounding pharmacist at our Robson location, takes this to heart. He says that seeing young patients who once refused to take medication or vitamins enjoying a delicious, custom-made treat that is aiding their health condition is a joy. It is one of the many reasons he is so passionate about his job.

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