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Maybe it is because our feet are so far away from our heads that we forget about how important it is to keep them healthy! It is important to make sure your feet are in good condition. Not only this, it is important to understand how other health conditions may manifest in different podiatry conditions. Some conditions that can affect the health of our feet include diabetic neuropathy, candida overgrowth, fungal infections, warts, excessive sweating and ulcers. Our compounding pharmacists can make preparations for all of these conditions, and help to prevent their occurrence.

Working closely with your podiatrist or doctor, our compounding team will determine the best formulation for your condition. We will treat the conditions you are experiencing not only at the level of the feet, but we will also investigate and address the root of the issue. One of our long-time customers, Adam, was dealing with our natural health advisors and complained of excess sugar cravings and chronically foul-smelling breath. Our health advisors aided him in reducing the sugar in his diet and recommended specific herbs to address his suspected candida overgrowth. It was not until a few months into working with him that he mentioned to a health advisor that he also had fungus growing under his toenail. With the help of a dietary candida protocol, our compounding team supported his symptoms of toenail fungus with a topical anti-fungal preparation.

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