Smoking Cessation

Yes, you can do it.

Smoking Cessation

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking but are having difficulties, we can help. There are many commercially available smoking cessation medications. Yet our nicotine replacement therapy delivers low, customizable doses of nicotine. With customized, compounded nicotine therapy, we can help patients stop smoking and limit the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.

If Nicorette gums and patches have not worked for you, we are able to create excellent alternatives. One of the most unique and effective therapies we offer are nicotine lollipops. These lollipops deliver nicotine to aid in quitting smoking. They also offer the oral fixation that is often associated with the psychological addiction to smoking.

Adelaide, 32, had been a smoker since she was 16 years old and had made 5 unsuccessful attempts at quitting during this time. She was very insecure about her addiction, and it was causing her additional anxiety. She had tried Nicorette 3 times, and every time the dosage made her feel dizzy, more anxious and caused flatulence. On top of that, the psychological addiction to smoking cigarettes was still present. Adelaide was so excited to see that we made nicotine lollipops. She had great success replacing cigarettes with a sweet treat in the early stages of her smoking cessation. After 4 weeks of slowly weaning off cigarettes and eventually weaning off nicotine replacement therapy, she was completely smoke-free for the first time in 16 years.

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