Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

Sports injuries are very common. Often they're the price way pay for activities which are otherwise great for our bodies and minds. Regardless of the injury, Pure Integrative Pharmacy has a variety of personalized treatment options for you. We'll help you get back on the court, trails, in the studio or in the water again! These treatment options are suitable for athletes of any level. We'll also suggest other techniques to help you manage your injury.

Injuries related to sports that we can help with at Pure Integrative Pharmacy include muscle spasms, bacterial and fungal infections, pain, and neuralgia. We can also compound pre-game rubs which can enhance drug penetration through the skin. These rubs can bypass the negative side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Compounded sports medicines can supply athletes with ingredients in customized strengths and effectively relieve pain minus the side effects caused by many commercially available medications. We also offer rehydration drinks, nutritional supplements, and medication for excessive sweating.

We work with many high-level athletes at Pure Integrative Pharmacy. One of our patients, Rod, is a 45-year-old triathlete. Rod has a stomach ulcer but also suffers from mild knee pain when competing. Since over the counter ibuprofen irritates his stomach ulcer, Rod gets a topical ibuprofen rub. The topical rub relieves his knee pain without irritating his stomach, as the cream is able to bypass the GI tract.

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