Aura Wild Ocean Collagen 300 g

Aura Wild Ocean Collagen 300 g

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Help your body to restore your skin’s hydration and youthfulness all while helping to build lean muscle, burn fat, alleviate joint pain and maintain bone health. Wild Ocean is virtually tasteless with no aftertaste and dissolves easily into your favourite beverage for easy use.

  • Sourced from wild-caught, cold-water fish in Canada. Other companies use farm-raised fish, which are at risk for the use of hormones and poor overall health.
  • It‚Äôs in its hydrolyzed peptide form of Collagen making absorption much more efficient.
  • 100% Canadian
  • Sustainable fishing used
  • No fishy aftertaste
  • Easy to mix
  • GMO, Antibiotic and Hormone Free
  • ¬†

    • Builds Bone Strength
    • Improves Skin, Hair and Nails
    • Stabilizes Blood Sugar
    • Boosts Metabolism
    • Improves Wound Healing and Reduces Scars
    • Reduces inflammation and helps with joint pain
    • Brain Health
    • Boost thyroid levels
    • Antibacterial effects, especially due to collagencin (a peptide derived from collagen which has been found to inhibit the growth of infection and disease-causing bacteria)
    • May help with weight management

    Truly flexible. Take a serving (1 tablespoon), or two, in your coffee or tea, add to your smoothies or morning oatmeal. Our collagen products are made virtually odourless tasteless making it incredibly easy to use.