OTC Hydralyte Electrolyte Maintenance Powder 10 Pack

OTC Hydralyte Electrolyte Maintenance Powder 10 Pack

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Hydralyte Electrolyte Maintenance Powder Orange Flavour rapidly restores fluid and electrolytes.

Prevents dehydration due to vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, fever, vigorous exercise and hot or dry conditions. Hydralyte is free from sodium saccharine, gluten, lactose. Hydralyte is low in carbohydrates (glucose).

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NPN: 80026860

Active ingredients :
Sodium chloride - 2.6 mg/mL
Potassium citrate (monohydrate) - 2.2 mg/mL
Citric acid (anhydrous) - 4.4 mg/mL
Glucose (anhydrous) - 14.5 mg/mL

Non Active Ingredients:
Sucralose, Natural Colour, Natural Flavour.

under 12 months 400-600 ml 
Age: 1-3 years 7001000 ml, 
Age: 3-6 years 1000-1400 ml 
Age: 6-12 years 1800-2400 ml 
Age: 12 years-adult 3000-3600 ml 

1. Empty the contents of one sachet into 200 ml of fresh, cold drinking water (for babies under 6 months, use cool boiled water). Stir the mixture until Hydralyte has dissolved.
2. Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist.
3. Discard unused solution after 6 hours or 24 hours if refrigerated.

Only mix with water. Continue with breast or formula feeding of infants between sips of Hydralyte.

Consult your physician if: vomiting, diarrhea or fever persists for longer than 24 hours; the child is under two years; you have medical problems relating to kidney, heart or gastrointestinal function, blood pressure, or show signs of severe dehydration including shock, or are unable to drink