Pure Encapsulations Inositol 250 g

Pure Encapsulations Inositol 250 g

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Women with PCOS experience various hormonal and metabolic conditions resulting from increased insulin production. For example, high levels of insulin can affect glucose metabolism and lead to weight gain. Insulin may also stimulate the secretion of male sex hormones in the ovaries.

High levels of these hormones can lead to excessive hair growth, acne and abnormal ovulation. In addition, women often experience menstrual cycle irregularities and infertility. Inositol is a component of the B-complex family and is mainly found in the diet as myo-inositol. Research suggests that myo-inositol helps to manage these conditions by supporting healthy glucose metabolism. Myo-inositol also plays an important role in the inositol triphosphate second messenger system that regulates oocyte development and menstrual cycle hormones.

Clinical trials involving women with PCOS have found that myoinositol supplementation decreases the time to first ovulation, reduces serum testosterone levels, increases ovulation frequency, and elevates estradiol levels (a marker of follicular maturation).

NPN: 80062356

Support for women with PCOS by:

  • Helps to restore normal ovarian function, ovulation and oocyte quality
  • Helps to normalize menstrual cycle irregularities
  • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism

Inositol (Myo-inositol) 2.05 g.

Adults: Take 1 scoop 1 – 2 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Use for a minimum of 12 weeks to see beneficial effects. 

Consult a healthcare practitioner before taking this product if you are pregnant or breastfeed - ing. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.