Veeva Aromatherapy Sleep Roll-on 9.5ml

Veeva Aromatherapy Sleep Roll-on 9.5ml

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Veeva Aromatherapy Sleep Roll-On 9.5ML

Essential oils used topically can provide many therapeutic health benefits. As they are easily absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream, they can be calming to the nervous system, and immune-modulating via the lymph. These roll-ons are convenient and can be used anywhere. Put them in your travel or gym bag, your purse, your car, or your desk so you have to access to them any time of day.

Use our Sleep blend before bedtime as a roll-on or in a diffuser and say goodbye to sleepless night!
Coconut Oil; Jojoba Oil; Pure Essential oils of Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile,
Lavender and Mandarin.
Apply to temples and pulse points and/or soles of feet as needed.