Remain Calm to Boost Immunity
By now, COVID-19 has reached every corner of the Earth and will be remembered by all who are experiencing it. What it reminds us though, is that it's up to each of us to maintain our health, to stay level, and to remain calm.
A Clinical Trial for Intravenous Vitamin C
While we’re all hard at work managing the sweeping changes transforming our daily lives, the worldwide scientific community is hard at work to discover a prevention, a treatment, or a cure for the current pandemic.
It’s Okay to not be Okay
With all of the recent and rapid changes that have occurred, many people have experienced an increase in stress and anxiety. Many of us had to quickly change plans and were forced to adjust to situations that are far from stress free. But it's okay.
Stress Management Through Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Supplements
Stress plays a role in healthy functioning. It is the body’s natural response to perceived environmental threats. When stress begins to persist and impact daily life, there are many natural remedies that can help. Persistent stress is an indication that...