Farmers Market Produce with Fresh Nutritional Impact
’Tis the season when fresh, colourful produce is abundant! It’s time to take advantage of the nutritional punch these locally grown, seasonal foods have to offer us. Not only does buying local benefit the community, it helps the planet.
5 Foods to Help Support Immune Health
To be prepared for any health contingency, we all want to maintain our immune systems. For centuries, many cultures have used specific ingredients for their healing properties, not to mention immune-boosting benefits.
What is a Compounding Pharmacy?
Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients as well as animals. At Pure Pharmacy, we offer all of the usual medications, but we also offer our unique compounding services.
Profiling Pure Pharmacy's Founder
Many of our pharmacy clients already know about the passion our Founder and CEO, Bob Mehr, has for the health and wellness of people everywhere. Bob's passion drives everything we do at Pure!
6 Tips to Make Taking Prescriptions Easier
Taking prescribed medications or supplements can be unexpectedly difficult for some of us. In fact, adherence to physician prescribed medications and dosing instructions is estimated to be as low as 50% in developed countries.
Remain Calm to Boost Immunity
By now, COVID-19 has reached every corner of the Earth and will be remembered by all who are experiencing it. What it reminds us though, is that it's up to each of us to maintain our health, to stay level, and to remain calm.
The Doctor is in. Why aren’t we seeing them?
Back at the end of March, we were already concerned about reports that the general public was avoiding needed medical care because of pandemic concerns. But now, at the beginning of June, not much has changed.
A Clinical Trial for Intravenous Vitamin C
While we’re all hard at work managing the sweeping changes transforming our daily lives, the worldwide scientific community is hard at work to discover a prevention, a treatment, or a cure for the current pandemic.
It’s Okay to not be Okay
With all of the recent and rapid changes that have occurred, many people have experienced an increase in stress and anxiety. Many of us had to quickly change plans and were forced to adjust to situations that are far from stress free. But it's okay.
Pop up Mother's Day
Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s a Mom’s Day like never before. Social distancing and stay home orders that are only at the beginning of a partial relaxation mean we’ll need to get creative to make mom feel especially special this Sunday. Here’s some creative ways to lift mom up.
Opening Up: Pandemic Fear and Fatigue
Tired of all the ongoing pandemic restrictions? Or scared to lift the restrictions and face the unknown? Maybe you’re stuck somewhere between both pandemic fatigue and virus fear. It’s totally understandable, no matter how you feel about the current state of #pandemiclife.
COVID-19 and your Integrative Prevention Strategy
Apart from supportive care, there are currently no effective therapies for COVID-19 infection. It is, therefore, more important than ever to shift our focus towards a sound prevention strategy.
Bear Hugging Trees is Real. Here's Why
It’s been about five weeks since us people huggers have been cut off from hugging anyone but the peeps we already live with. But an old natural concept has now gained new pandemic traction: bear hugging trees.
Is it Allergies or is it a Cold?
On top of a global pandemic, it's allergy season. Both allergies and colds share similar symptoms! This chart quickly shows where symptoms overlap and where they're totally different.
Connections + Love = Immune System Tonic
We’re definitely in uncharted territory as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Most of us have never known war or a pandemic in our lifetime. How are you holding up? Hopefully, well. But it’s hard.
We're Uplifted and Inspired by the Front Line
It can be hard to find positive moments in a pandemic lock down, but we've been on a mission to donate our Pure compounded hand sanitizer to others.
Don’t Avoid your Doctor and Risk your Own Health
With the current stay at home and social distancing orders, our hyper-vigilant awareness around COVID-19 may have some of us avoiding our own medical care.
To Mask or not to Mask? That is the Question
Wondering if you should wear a mask when you’re not sick or showing symptoms? A lot of us are. And it seems different countries have different advice.
Consult a Doctor Online
Now you can consult a licenced Doctor online and in the comfort of your own home. It's safe and secure and a great way to stay home during the pandemic response.
Refills and New Prescriptions during COVID-19

If you need a prescription refill or a new prescription filled, we can help! Here's how.

Feeling Sick During COVID-19? Here's what to do
Protecting our communities from COVID-19 is our top priority. Here’s your most accurate resource list and what to do if you feel sick or have other questions.