Don’t Avoid your Doctor and Risk your Own Health
With the current stay at home and social distancing orders, our hyper-vigilant awareness around COVID-19 may have some of us avoiding our own medical care.
To Mask or not to Mask? That is the Question
Wondering if you should wear a mask when you’re not sick or showing symptoms? A lot of us are. And it seems different countries have different advice.
Consult a Doctor Online
Now you can consult a licenced Doctor online and in the comfort of your own home. It's safe and secure and a great way to stay home during the pandemic response.
Refills and New Prescriptions during COVID-19

If you need a prescription refill or a new prescription filled, we can help! Here's how.

Feeling Sick During COVID-19? Here's what to do
Protecting our communities from COVID-19 is our top priority. Here’s your most accurate resource list and what to do if you feel sick or have other questions.
We've made Shopping Safer
We've made shopping safer during COVID-19. At all Pure locations, we are diligently following the official guidelines of the Provincial Health Office, Dr. Bonnie Henry. Here's what we're doing.
LivePure Quarterly Journal of Integrative Medicine - April 2019
“Without our good health, nothing else may seem to matter. From our relatively minor health complaints such as headaches, pains and fatigue, to many major ailments that can threaten our physical activities and wellbeing, our health can deeply impact our...
Low Dose Naltrexone: New Uses For An Old Drug
If you haven't heard of low dose naltrexone, you probably aren't alone. Naltrexone has been used conventionally to treat alcohol and opioid dependence since the 1970's. At much lower doses (ie. 1/10th the conventional dose), researchers are finding that drug...
What’s in Your Bubble Bath?
One day, while lying in the bath with nothing in particular to do, I grabbed the bottle and started reading the label. “This bath will gently cleanse your skin, helping to leave it feeling soft and smooth.” Sounds good! I...
How to eat fruits?
Do you know how to best eat your fruits?
Personalize Your Greeting Cards with Essential Oils
This holiday season, try scenting your greeting cards and wrapping paper with a simple blend of pure essential oils for a unique aromatic appeal. Not only is it simple and fun to do, but it will also impart a subtly...
Bob Mehr – Award Winning Pharmacist
Our very own Bob Mehr is an winning pharmacist of the Month with Apothogram, February 2005 See the Newsletter here
Behind a Compounding Pharmacy
Have you ever wondered what happened to the days of pharmacists mixing medications in the pharmacy for patients? Well, your staff at Pure Integrative Pharmacy is trained in the field of compounding pharmacy. Compounding pharmacy is the specialized technique by which our Pure...